SARMS: 7 things we bet you didn’t know [Video Explainer]


We don’t blame you if SARMS have managed to capture your imagination. They are all over the internet, somewhat like supplements were, a few years ago.

And they are being peddled in fancy bottles with vivid, colorful labels which make them seem like they are the next best thing for your health and fitness.

Are they really?

You have collegians, athletes, fitness buffs, seniors, bodybuilders and even teenagers hopping on to these drugs without fully understanding how they work or what they do to your bodies.  

We firmly believe that there’s nothing worse than half-baked information.

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So, here are 7 things we believe that you always wanted to know about SARMS, but didn’t know whom to ask.

#1 – SARMS are non-steroidal

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If you’ve heard that SARMS don’t mess with your hormones like steroids do, it’s partly true.

SARMS stand for ‘Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators’. These are a novel group of drugs that modulate androgen receptors in specific sites in the body to elucidate a very specific response.

So, you can have a SARM that stimulates the androgen receptor in your muscle tissue to make more muscle. But it does not interfere with any other body function.

Similarly, you can have a SARM that reduces the size and weight of an enlarged prostate. But it does not have any anti-androgenic effects, which such medications usually have.

However, these are not drugs designed for performance enhancement, although that’s what they are more popular for. In future, SARMS might replace most therapies that involve the use of anabolic compounds.

The most important thing to know is that since these are not exogenous hormones, they don’t badger your HPTA the way steroids do.

#2 – SARMS are Versatile

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While SARMS are primarily being investigated for their potential application in preventing muscle wasting caused due to conditions like cancer and AIDS, the results that can achieved with them are much more diverse.

This is precisely what makes them excellent performance enhancement drugs. Irrespective of what your bodybuilding goal is, there’s a SARM for it.

  • Build Lean Muscle: LGD-4033 or Ligandrol, RAD140 or Testolone
  • Lose Fat: GW501516 or Cardarine, S4 or Andarine
  • Preserve muscle during cuts: MK2866 or Ostarine
  • Body recomposition: LGD4033 & S4
  • Vascularity: RAD140
  • Strength: LGD4033 & RAD140
  • Endurance for cardio: Cardarine and Stenabolic (Not a SARM although commonly sold as one)

#3 – SARMS are not androgenic

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What makes SARMS so popular among athletes and fitness buffs is that these drugs are anabolic in nature, but not androgenic.

This means that while you can build muscle, increase strength, get insane pumps on SARMS, you won’t lose your hair or get acne on the back or get virilization in females.

These are some of the most annoying side effects caused by anabolic steroid use, which deters people from using them.

This also makes SARMS a great choice for women, who are left with very few options as legitimate performance enhancement drugs.

#4 – SARMS can be stacked

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In the early days of SARMS use, it was believed that two SARMS will compete for the same androgen receptor, which makes them ineffective if stacked.

But that theory has slowly been replaced by anecdotal reviews of users who are achieving phenomenal results by using SARM stacks.

A Ligandrol and S4 stack for example, is becoming quite popular among users looking for a body recomposition.

Many users also use MK-677 which is an HGH secretagogue as a SARMS analog. While it is not a SARM, MK-677 helps you retain your gains after the cycle.

So, if you were skeptical about stacking SARMS, go ahead and do it. You will be fine.

#5 – Unknown side effects

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SARMS are relatively new drugs that are still at a very premature stage of research. What we know is that their short term use in limited doses does not cause severe adverse effects.

However, the effects of long term use remain unknown. For example, just 1mg of LGD-4033 showed significant Testosterone suppression in healthy men.

Would using it repeatedly over years cause permanent damage to your endogenous testosterone production? We don’t know.

In that sense, does it make LGD any better than pure Test-Cyp?

Again, we don’t know. Maybe LGD won’t cause a permanent shutdown. It anyways, does not suppress as hard as test in limited doses. Also, you completely bypass the androgenic side effects which is always a plus.

#6 – Suppression

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Most of the SARMS that build muscle will cause some degree of suppression by the time you hit week 4-5 of the cycle.

Some people get quite jumpy when they hear this because we told you that SARMS don’t mess with your hormones like steroids do, right?

Well, SARMS work by modulating your androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue. In this case, they compete with testosterone produced by your body for the receptor and replace it.

This signals your testes to slow down on the test production since there’s a new bloke who’s doing the same job. Remember, your body wants to survive. Not turn you into an incredible hulk. So, to maintain homeostasis, the body adjusts the testosterone production and bang, you get suppressed.

The extent to which you get suppressed depends on multiple factors.

How do you react to the drug? Are you using legitimate SARMS? Are you stacking two or more SARMS?

Some of the suppression can be negated by using ‘Test Boosters’ like M1-MK, D-Aspartic Acid and Ashwagandha.

SARMS will also suppress your LH levels. What makes them ‘supposedly’ better than steroids in this regard is that your body will be able to bounce back a lot sooner.

#7 – Bunk SARMS for sale

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When you buy SARMS online, you need to understand that you are buying off a market that’s shadier than the whole underground lab scene.

These are research drugs and you have men buying powder in bulk from suppliers in China and mixing it in DMSO to create their own bottles.

There have been numerous instances where a product sold as a SARM was actually a steroid, like Superdrol.

In other instances, it was terribly under dosed. So, if you intend to buy SARMS online, always buy from a reputed supplier.

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Non-steroidal and Non-hormonal9.2
Build Muscle While Losing Fat8.9
Much Lesser Side Effects Than Anabolic Steroids8.8
Not Illegal To Buy as Research Chemicals8.9
Anabolic steroid-like effects without the side effects

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